We are an international group of lifelong learners and innovators expanding the world’s knowledge with cancer research. Working under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Aparicio, we are an interdisplinary group of individuals from all walks of life. Physically located at the BC Cancer Resarch Centre in the heart of Vancouver, BC, we are an academic non-profit research lab affiliated with the UBC Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

As researchers, we strive to invent and apply the newest technologies to uncover findings in our unparalleled sample collection, producing world-class research regularly published in high-impact journals. As staff, we bring our unique talents and experiences to building a unmatched foundation of scientific and software support to aid in the drive to discovery.

We seek like-minded individuals looking for academic lifestyle, personal growth and a meaningful contribution to health, science and research. See below for active postings.


Researchers in the Department of Molecular Oncology at the BC Cancer Research Centre use the latest technologies to rapidly identify genes that are involved in the development of cancer. This position will be involved in performing research in drug pharmacology directed at human tumours, with assays in immunodeficient mice (xenotransplants).


The successful applicant will report to the Principal Investigator or his/her delegate and may assist in overseeing technical work of students and trainees.


  • Plans and performs experiments utilizing complex procedures and/or techniques.
  • Processes tissue samples and carries out primary cell isolation as instructed.
  • Carries out laboratory techniques following standard operating protocols ages, tables, graphs and charts.
  • Maintains both laboratory and laboratory records of both animal data and experimental data; when require summarize results in research reports and lab presentations.
  • Assists in the daily care of transgenic animals and maintains colonies of human tumour bearing immunodeficient animals.
  • Carries out and oversees procedures involving immunization, oral gavage, injections, tumour innoculation, tumour volume measurements, blood and tissue collection, surgical procedures, necropsy, and post-operative care.
  • Daily health monitoring and care of laboratory animals.
  • Be able to recognize and resolve behavioral and/or housing issues; may provide technical instruction and training for other staff and/or trainees
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • On a rotation basis, must be available for emergency calls 24/7 and respond appropriately.


The work is of a complex nature, tasks are assigned and the incumbent exercises a considerable amount of responsibility, initiative and judgment in determining own work schedule to achieve those tasks. Noncompliance with ARC regulations may result in closure of facility. Noncompliance with animal protocols may result in loss of grant funding.


The successful applicant will report to the Principal Investigator or designate.


The successful applicant will assist in training graduate students/trainees including instruction in use of lab equipment and procedures and will troubleshoot experiments in their area of expertise.


  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline or Graduation from a technical college or institute.A postgraduate degree in Science is preferred.
  • CALAS certification (e.g. RLAT) is an asset.
  • Minimum of 3 years related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience with cell culture and aseptic technique preferred, involving both isolation and maintenance of rodent primary cultures and cell lines.
  • Experience in the use and handling of hazardous materials such as biological agents and cytotoxic drugs is essential.
  • Experience in the monitoring and management of human tumour bearing animals.
  • A working knowledge of the CCAC guidelines and compassion and sensitivity for animals.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to interact positively and productively with other team members are essential.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • The successful candidate must be well-organized, conscientious, understand the importance of detail, and be able to multi-task and prioritize duties effectively.

To apply: please include your resume and cover letter.

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As a physician-scientist, the key philosophy of Dr. Aparicio’s program has been to provide a strong multidisciplinary environment for training of highly qualified personnel (HQP). His former trainees (career total 90) have gone on to success in academia: 1 institute director, 3 as PIs and others in medicine or in senior positions in industry or postgraduate education. All of his graduate students have been successful in securing national (CIHR, NSERC) or provincial (Michael Smith Foundation, CBCF BC/Yukon) competitive salary support and two of the four postdoctoral fellows are supported by independent peer reviewed salary awards from international (Australia), national (CBCF) and provincial (MSFHR) funding bodies. See the stories of some of them:

Charles Soong

Associate for McKinsey and Company

Adi Steif

Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia

Courteney Lai

Research Scientist at AbCellera

Arusha Oloumi

Scientific Advisor for Mesothelioma for Bristol Myers Squibb

Gavin Ha

Assistant Professor at Fred Hutch

Gulisa Turashvili

Assistant Professor at University of Toronto

Angela Burleigh

Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellow at UBC

Anamaria Crisan

Senior Research Scientist Staff at Tableau Software

Sohrab Shah

Chief of Computational Oncology at MSKCC

Darren Saunders

Associate Professor of Medicine at UNSW Sydney

Cristian Brocchieri

Global Medical Director at Roche

Nuno Morais

Research Group Leader at Instituto de Medicina Molecular

Alan Christoffels

Professor at South African National Bioinformatics Institute


As researchers, we are fortunate to have the generous support of donors and grants that enable our pursuit of cutting-edge science. Our close collaboration with physicians and doctors at BC Cancer, across Canada and internationally allow us unparalleled access to patients and cases that we owe our success to. Finally, we share close collaborations with UBC professors that empower a majority of our interdisciplinary work.

As staff, we enjoy a healthy work-life balance and meaningful contributions to science. We aim to have an atmosphere of fun and learning, working in a small but amazing team of individuals helping make a difference in the world. Employed under both PHSA and UBC, we enjoy generous benefits include vacation, insurance and pension.