Darren Saunders

Associate Professor of Medicine at UNSW Sydney
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Darren was a Research Associate from 2007 to 2009 working with Dr. Aparicio at BC Cancer, since then he has gone on to have an illustrious careers as a research and communicator. He is now a research scientist and Associate Professor in Medicine at UNSW, Secretary of Science and Technology Australia and Senior Research Advisor to Elizabeth Broderick and Co. He is also a regular commentator on television and radio, resident scientist on ABC TV’s The Drum and Channel 7’s Daily Edition, and 2019 Eureka Prize winner.


CX-5461 is a DNA G-quadruplex stabilizer with selective lethality in BRCA1/2 deficient tumours.

Bimolecular complementation affinity purification (BiCAP) reveals dimer-specific protein interactions for ERBB2 dimers.

Synthetic lethality screens reveal RPS6 and MST1R as modifiers of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor inhibitor activity in childhood sarcomas.

Intensity calibration and automated cell cycle gating for high-throughput image-based siRNA screens of mammalian cells.