Sean Beatty

Project Manager and Bioinformatics Scientist
Google Scholar

Sean’s doctoral work was performed in the laboratory of Danielle Malo DVM, Ph.D. at the McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits. His 2016 thesis focused on the immunogenetics of typhoid fever and iron homeostasis during the immune response. Sean was a member of the team at the bibliometrics startup Meta, and later at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) following Meta’s acquisition. Before joining the Aparicio lab Sean worked as a scientific consultant for clients in academia, industry, and healthcare.


Luminal breast epithelial cells from wildtype and BRCA mutation carriers harbor copy number alterations commonly associated with breast cancer

Single-cell genomic variation induced by mutational processes in cancer.

Accurate determination of CRISPR-mediated gene fitness in transplantable tumours.

Results of the phase I CCTG IND.231 trial of CX-5461 in patients with advanced solid tumors enriched for DNA-repair deficiencies.