Hoa Tran

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Google Scholar

Hoa Tran obtained her Master degree in Computer Science from La Rochelle University, France then pursued a PhD in Computer Science at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France. Her thesis focused on the analysis and modeling of spatial organization of 3D tissues in biological images. After graduation, she joined the Singapore Immunology Network, SIgN, A*STAR as a research fellow, and her research focus on single-cell computational and system immunology. In January 2020, she joined Sam Aparicio’s lab as a postdoctoral research scientist. Her work focuses on (i) developing and implementing methods for analysis of genomic sequencing information (RNA-seq, DLP data analysis) (ii) Cross-platform single-cell RNA-seq integration (iii) bio-medical image processing


Clonal fitness inferred from time-series modelling of single-cell cancer genomes.